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The high quality portable retinal camera

Eyer is a portable retinal camera device connected to a smartphone. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use without the use of mydriatic drugs, it can be used in a variety of settings, such as bedside, home visits, and examinations of the elderly and children.

Retina Color

Digital Red-free

Anterior Segment


Optic Nerve Stereophoto


High quality

High quality imaging is possible with patented technology. Low-light-intensity imaging reduces glare and the burden on the examinee.


With Eyer, it is possible to perform retinal exams anywhere, without the need to use eye drops to dilate the pupils. More patient comfort and faster examination.

Easy operation

The intuitive interface design and autofocus function enable high-definition fundus imaging with simple operation.

No need to replace modules

The camera can switch between fundus mode and anterior segment mode without changing modules.


Generate panoramic exams with a field of view greater than 100 degrees with Eyer, which has internal fixation points to help capture and create panoramic images.

Expand functionality by using smartphones

The connected smartphone can be used to connect to external applications, share images via email, and transfer images to PCs, electronic medical records, and other devices.

Teleophtalmology with Join

Eyer’s portability allows examinations to be performed anywhere by an operator in the field and the doctor remotely reducing time, costs and distance. Also, by connecting with Join, the medical communication app, Eyer enables teleophtalmology model that retina images can be shared with specialist doctor on Join app and user can get advice from specialist doctor by chat.

● About Join
A communication app for medical professionals “Join” – faciliates communication among medical professionals by sharing information in secured environment.

Eyer Specifications

Field of view45°
Resolution12 million pixels
ExamsColor, Digital red-free, Anterior segment, Panoramic, Optic nerve stereophoto
Internal fixation11 targets for peripheral imaging
Focus-20D ~ +20D (with auto focus or manually)
Pupil size3 mm of minimum size
SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S10 included
OSAndroid 11
ScreenSize/Type: 6.1-inch / AMOLED
Resolution: 3040×1440 (Quad HD+)
Processor8 cores (2.7 GHz, 2.3 GHz, 1.9 GHz)
Memory8 GB (RAM) / 128 GB (ROM)
ConnectivityWi-Fi / 4G (SIM card required)
Battery3400 mAh (around 60 exams without charging)
Weight600 g

Marketing Authorization Holder​: Allm Inc.​
PMDA: Class II
Certification number: 304AIBZI00005000
Classification category: Specially designated maintenance control required medical devices






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